Bulk Billing Podiatry

We provide podiatry service to the Hunter in many locations. We offer more podiatry for less money. It's time you tried us, you won't be disappointed. We can help you or your family with any foot concern.

Bulk Billing Podiatry

An old man and old woman – Newcastle Foot and Ankle Clinic in Charlestown, NSW
Did you know...
At Newcastle Foot & Ankle Clinic you can get Bulk Billing Podiatry service at these five great locations:
  • Green Hills (Monday)
  • East Maitland (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)
  • Shortland (Tuesday)
  • Raymond Terrace (Wednesday)
  • Charlestown (Tuesday and Friday)
Bring your valid TCA plan from your GP with eligible podiatry visits, along with your Medicare card and we can make appointments for your foot-care. Standard foot-care appointments would normally cost $70.00*, but with your plan from the GP and your Medicare card we will bulk bill the service for the number of prescribed visits, with a maximum of 5 visits claimable per calendar year.
Set days for Bulk Billing Podiatry exist at various locations, so please call our practice to enquire: 1800 23 2300
For further terms and conditions please consult our office or on our website. Please ensure TCA plans are made out to Newcastle Foot & Ankle Clinic and not individual provider names.

Foot Pain

Foot xray  – Newcastle Foot and Ankle Clinic in Charlestown, NSW
Newcastle Foot & Ankle Clinic are experienced in the management of lower limb pain-related issues. We provide a full assessment, diagnosis and treatment of both acute and chronic complaints.

If you are concerned with the growth and development of your child's feet or your own foot posture, we can assess and advise you. Biomechanical reviews are important in order to maintain gait and mobility, and our podiatrists will recommend appropriate treatments to assist you. These may include strapping, splinting, stretching techniques, acupressure, mobilisation or orthotic therapy, all of which can be customised to your needs.

Foot Wear

A boy tied shoe lace – Newcastle Foot and Ankle Clinic in Charlestown, NSW
A variety of summer and winter footwear options are available for order from our clinic. Our footwear range offers superior comfort and fit, particularly for problem feet. View our current range of shoes.

Newcastle Foot & Ankle Clinic is also happy to review your current footwear for suitability, or we can recommend a qualified bootmaker should your shoes require adjustments.

Foot Surgery

Having a foot surgery – Newcastle Foot and Ankle Clinic in Charlestown, NSW
Patients with structural or functional foot problems may require surgical treatment. Before seeking a referral to a foot surgeon, we do recommend consulting with your podiatrist, who can ensure you have appropriate imaging for your surgical review.

Foot Care

Holding a foot – Newcastle Foot and Ankle Clinic in Charlestown, NSW
Our podiatrists offer expert foot-care for a range of concerns. Some of these include corns, calluses, warts, ingrown toenails, cracked heels and general foot hygiene issues. We can also review basic neuro-vascular issues for diabetic or aged patients, as required.

Newcastle Foot & Ankle Clinic maintains strict hygiene policies for our treatment rooms, ensuring they are meticulously cleaned and they are fitted with modern equipment. All instruments are sterilised in accordance with Australian Standards, so there is minimal risk of infection.